D9-P Composite propellant

Model rocket engine. D9-P Composite propellant. delay plugged Can be only sold to persons over 18 years.

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Model rocket engine. C9-P Composite propellant. delay: plugged. At last there is an alternative to the AeroTech 18mm SU and reloadables that is cost effective and LEGAL. Class 1.4S UN0454 just like Estes motors, fully CE marked, and ADR compliant. Fill yer boots!

Model rocket safety:

Can be only sold to persons over 18 years.

Safety is the first mission in flying; whether it is flying the Space Shuttle, an experimental aircraft, or a model rocket. You must always be aware of the people and things around you which can be harmed by your rocket, or which can harm you or your rocket. Let's review some of the special safety rules that apply to model rockets. Only use pre-packaged solid model rocket engines. They are relatively inexpensive and have been designed with safety in mind for your model rockets. Check the engines before installing them in the rocket to make sure that the casing and nozzle are sound and have no defects or cracks. Never try to re-use or re-pack a spent solid rocket engine. Don't brew your own fuel. This is extremely dangerous and students are killed and maimed every year attempting to mix their own fuels. Don't attempt to modify the nozzle or the casing of the solid rocket engine.For the rocket itself, use only cardboard tubes and balsa or plastic fins and nose cones. Don't use any metal parts. Before flight, check for loose fins, launch lugs, and shock cords. Check the condition of your recovery system. Check the stabilityof your rocket with the engine installed. Be sure that your nose cone does not fit too tightly in the body tube. A nose cone that is too tight can cause the engine to be expelled by the ejection charge with subsequent loss of the rocket. Fly your rocket in an open field where there are no obstacles. Never fly near trees. If your rocket ends up in a tree, you're going to need a new rocket. Never fly near a highway. You can be hurt chasing your rocket across the highway and people driving by are often distracted by model rockets. Never fly near houses. Your rocket can do damage to the windows, sidings and roof of a house. If your rocket ends up on the roof, you're going to need a new rocket. And never, ever fly near high tension wires. That's a sure way to loose a rocket. If you follow the rules, model rockets are as safe as any other toy. But if you break the rules, you endanger yourself and those around you.


Dimensions: diameter 18 mm x 70 mm lenght,
Total impulse ca: 20 N/s,
Thrust: 9 N,
Burning period: 2,1 s,


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