XL4015 DC-DC Step Douwn Module

Adjustable XL4015 DC-DC Step Douwn Module

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Widely used for step down power application, such as Battery, Power , DIY adjustable regulated power supply, Car power supply, industrial equipment, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, 36V to 24V and so on
More safer which with thermal and short circuit protection
The LED voltmeter displays the input and output voltage value which can tell the status more clear
High output current is up to 5A and the output power is up to 75W
User can set the default boot output status and all setup parameter will not miss after the power-down

Item type: adjustable step-down module
Color: As pictures.

Module performance and features:
Module nature: Non-isolated Module ()
Input voltage: 4-38V (Please try not to exceed 38V as input)
Output voltage: 1.25-36V continuously adjustable
Output current: 0-5A, recommended for use within 4.5A
Output power: It is recommended to use within 75W.
Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
Working frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency related to input, output voltage, current, voltage difference)
Load adjustment rate: S(I) ≤ 0.8%
Voltage adjustment rate: S(u) ≤ 0.8%
Power indicator: Yes
Short circuit protection: Yes (limited current 8A)
Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically turn off the output after over temperature)
Input reverse connection protection: None, (If necessary, please input a large current diode in the input string)
Installation method: 2 x 3mm screws
Wiring method: welding, V-IN is input, V-OUT is output
Module size: 54*23*18mm/2.13*0.91*0.71inch (length * width * height)
Weight: 16g

Application range:
       This module can be applied to the field where the input voltage is higher than the output voltage, such as battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable power supply, 24V car pen power supply, industrial equipment step-down, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, 36V to 24V, etc.


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